26 Episodes

Jasmine (Jaz to her friends) has been sent to Wakkaville, an out of the way smudge on the map full of crazy kids. Can a big city girl survive small town life? Only time and her friends Flick, Martin & Buzza will tell...

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  • Wakkaville: Welcome To Wakkaville

    Episode 101

    Jaz, a city girl through and through, arrives in the weird country town of Wakkaville, and she's faced with the question: will her first day in Wakkaville be her last?

  • Wakkaville: These Boots Were Made For Hawking

    Episode 102

    Jaz can't understand it when the town of Wakkaville goes wild for Burgoyne's newest product-the Wakkaboot 80%. Not a slave to bad fashion, Jaz can't understand it when Wakkaville goes crazy for Burgoyne's latest product.

  • Wakkaville: The Wedding Dress

    Episode 103

    After seeing Agnes react strangely to a date on the calendar, Jaz discovers an old wedding dress buried in a trunk in Agnes' carriage. Agnes is acting stranger than usual and Jaz can't figure it out.

  • Wakkaville: Wakka Day

    Episode 104

    Wakka-day has arrived and the town holds its annual float parade. Wakka-day is here again and the town of Wakkaville celebrates by having its annual float parade.

  • Wakkaville: Surf's Up Buzza

    Episode 105

    When Jaz learns that the famous Bombora wave is headed for Wakkaville, she advertises a surfing contest for Wakkaville, with Buzza as the star!

  • Wakkaville: The Musical

    Episode 106

    Jaz is given the role of director in the school musical-with Missy as the talentless star! When Jaz learns that the school is putting on a musical, she tricks Simonovich into giving her the role of director.

  • Wakkaville: Bunyip

    Episode 107

    Jaz sees the legend of the Wakkaville Bunyip as an opportunity to get Wakkaville to celebrate Halloween. Jaz tries to convince Simonovich to use the legend of the Wakkaville Bunyip to celebrate Halloween.

  • Wakkaville: No Comet

    Episode 108

    The Wakkaville comet is back in the skies, and the gang set out to prove that Old Sam is the person who originally found it. When the Wakkaville comet heads back towards Earth, Jaz discovers a twenty year old feud...

  • Wakkaville: Breaking News

    Episode 109

    Jaz's blog is being ignored when a new paper begins in Wakkaville. When Missy starts a newspaper in Wakkaville, everybody ignores Jaz's blog. Jaz is determined to crack a huge story, but a mysterious source helps...

  • Wakkaville: Buzzin'

    Episode 110

    Jaz is put in charge of the town's safety day, but Martin and Buzza's extreme sports threaten to ruin it! When Martin and Buzza's extreme sports styles threaten to ruin Safety day and land Jaz in a heap of trouble...

  • Wakkaville: The Kid Whisperer

    Episode 111

    When Jaz needs to raise some cash for a present for Aunt Agnes, she takes up what she thinks is the easiest job in the world: babysitting. Jaz needs to raise some money fast for a present for Aunt Agnes...

  • Wakkaville: Elections

    Episode 112

    Jaz discovers that Mrs. Simonovich is the unrivalled Mayor of Wakkaville and sets about to find a new candidate. The water tower pump is broken, and when Jaz appeals to the town Mayor she finds her unwilling to help.

  • Wakkaville: The Great Escape**

    Episode 113

    Jaz discovers a mysterious clue to Simonovich's past when filming a documentary for Wakkaville. The editor is in town and Jaz and the gang have been ordered by Simonovich to film a documentary about Wakkaville.

  • Wakkaville: Wired For Food

    Episode 114

    Jaz is in danger of losing her job at the diner when Burgoyne releases automatic meal producing machine. Burgoyne latest business idea, a wheelbarrow that produces fully cooked meals, is affecting all local businesses.

  • Wakkaville: The Egg Test

    Episode 115

    The gang are given an egg each to take care of by Simonovich, in attempt for them to learn responsibility. Whoever can take care of their egg and not break it, will be allowed to attend Wakkaville's art exhibition.

  • Wakkaville: Taggin'

    Episode 116

    The boys have invented a new game, "Taggin'", and Jaz takes over as their manager. Martin and Buzza accidentally tape over Jaz's video entry for a competition with their invented game of Taggin'.

  • Wakkaville: Agnes' Dilemma

    Episode 117

    When Burgoyne tries to run Agnes out of town, Jaz convinces Agnes to give her old love a second chance. Burgoyne is buying all the land in Wakkaville, trying to run Agnes out of town.

  • Wakkaville: The Wild Life

    Episode 118

    Burgoyne enlists Martin and Buzza to build him a waterslide, but Jaz is worried it is affecting all of Wakkaville's wildlife. Jaz discovers that it is driving all the wildlife into the town of Wakkaville.

  • Wakkaville: Sleepover

    Episode 119

    Jaz and Flick attend Missy's sleepover, the most boring sleepover in the world. When Jaz and Flick attend Missy's sleepover, Jaz is careful not to wake Flick up.

  • Wakkaville: Outfoxed

    Episode 120

    When Martin builds a new hub for the flying fox network, the gang discovers an old, disused cable car in the bush of Wakkaville.

  • Wakkaville: There's Something In The Water

    Episode 121

    When Jaz tastes the uniquely flavoured water of the Wakkaville lake, she decides to bottle it and put Wakkaville on the map. Jaz discovers that water in Wakkaville's has a pleasing and unique flavour.

  • Wakkaville: Wakkaville's Most Excellent

    Episode 122

    All of Wakkaville is terrified of Flick's pet chicken Clucksta when it is discovered that she lays purple eggs. Jaz finally discovers a newsworthy story when Flick's pet chicken Clucksta lays a purple egg.

  • Wakkaville: Jackaroo Jackawho?

    Episode 123

    Jaz's attempts to help Martin during his annual harvest lead to Martin almost losing the family farm. Jaz is going help Martin during his annual harvest of the crop on his family farm.

  • Wakkaville: On The Map

    Episode 124

    Jaz has convinced everyone to let her take the photographs for the new Wakkaville billboard - everyone but Simonovich. Jaz discovers that the only thing to entice visitors is an old photograph of Simonovich.