Two Degrees

Two Degrees

2 Seasons

Carl Gilliard is Hollywood actor who's widely known, but far from FAMOUS. TWO DEGREES is a digital series that takes a comical dive into the extremities and dramatic turns of an actor who's been on the 'come up' for decades.

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Two Degrees
  • 201 - I'm Done With Sisters

    In the aftermath of recurring and traumatic dreams about his now ex, Ladonna, Carl accepts an olive branch and an invitation from Elliot celebrating his new engagement to Ladonna. Carl has officially proclaimed he's 'done with sisters', so to demonstrate (and overcompensate) he brings one of his ...

  • 202 - Dr. Abigail & Me

    Carl’s lingering "nightmares" of reconciling with Ladonna persist. - leading him to confide these dreams to James (Dick) Black who then leaks it to Oscar, Kent, Kevin and Mark Christopher at the DEBONAIR CIGAR LOUNGE. The consensus? Carl needs to meet with a professional. Enter the beautiful and ...

  • 203 - Shenanigans & Repercussions

    Episode 203

    After the "Amanda" travesty in the season opener and a successful therapy encounter with Dr. Abigail, Carl decides to have a go with black women again. The wonderful Latonya Black has his interest as does another beauty named Christine. Carl has found his sea legs with several dating options with...

  • 204 - I Got The Funny

    Carl is invited to hear Christine sing at a newest and hottest Showcase spot in LA. It's the newest place to be on Friday Nights. Upon arrival, Carl runs into his friend, comic Dino Shorte. Their conversation ends in contention as Dino challenges Carl to do 5 minutes of stand up comedy the follow...

  • 205 - Bonus Adults

    Episode 205

    Carl and Latonya have planned a casual coffee date. Carl arrives early at the establishment where he encounters Hollywood actors Miguel, Vanessa and Tico and from this seemingly benign encounter comes high drama and confrontation with two GEN Z young ladies who fail to give Carl the respect he fe...

  • 206 - Carl's Cricket

    Episode 206

    After a series of miscues, miscommunication and mishaps, Carl is thrust into a time of a reflective crossroads; a time where he will have to FACE HIMSELF and his past. Carl's future and his happiness counts on it. Ladonna, Elliot and Latonya are all entanglements which must be expeditiously resol...