Two Degrees

Two Degrees

2 Seasons

Carl Gilliard is Hollywood actor who's widely known, but far from FAMOUS. TWO DEGREES is a digital series that takes a comical dive into the extremities and dramatic turns of an actor who's been on the 'come up' for decades.

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Two Degrees
  • EP 101 - Dessert & Down From There

    THE PILOT EPISODE finds Carl hosting a dessert party at his home entertaining many of his Hollywood friends. His friends aren't prepared for what's about to unfold at the party and neither is Carl. Looming divorce. Loss of his home....his world crumbling in a ball of domestic acrimony. The DESSER...

  • Ep 102 - "Ladonna Bin Laden"

    Carl and soon to be ex wife Ladonna meet with a conflict resolution expert with hopes of creating a more amicable relationship in the throws of an impending and sure divorce.

  • Ep 103 - The Cigar Cave

    Episode 3

    The Brothers congregate at the neighborhood "CIGAR BAR" to pow wow on life, love and to give Carl advice on his 'soon to be final' divorce. Things go awry when secrets are revealed. Is there a MAN CODE violation within Carl's inner circle? Alliances will be formed and some will be broken at the C...

  • Ep 104 - U.B.E.R.

    Due to lack of work as an actor, Carl is forced to find work to make money. He learns of the newest thing, a ride share company who is looking for drivers. Excited, Carl signs up to drive as a temporary means of income, but is nervous about picking up ANY ONE associated with the industry. His fir...

  • Ep 105 - SIStars

    Spiraling and desperate to find balance in his life, Carl finds a self help group on FACEBOOK called "SIStars". Only when he arrives to the group, he finds himself in the center of a woman's group. A group of ladies very familiar with his degenerating life through viral Facebook posts.

  • Ep106 - Dating MYself

    Carl is finally getting a grip on his life as he seeks advice from his friends Sean, William and Rico the bartender to brave the new world of dating again in the 21st Century. All of the wisdom in the world won't prepare him for the inevitable. Beautiful women, sure...but scarce real opportunities.