Regina Hall

Regina Hall

Our curated list of Regina Hall's Classics!

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Regina Hall
  • The Best Man

    Just before his best friend's wedding, the life of a Chicago writer becomes crazy when his best friend guesses that his new book's story is based on his bride's fervent past.

  • Death at a Funeral

    A funeral ceremony turns into a debacle of exposed family secrets and misplaced bodies.

  • Paid In Full

    A young man from Harlem, forced to cope with the 1980s drug scene, builds an illegal empire, only to have a crisis of conscience.

  • Love and Basketball

    Monica and Quincy love and play basketball together through many life challenges from childhood to adulthood.

  • Scary Movie

    A year after disposing of the body of a man they accidentally killed, a group of dumb teenagers are stalked by a bumbling serial killer.

  • Scary Movie 2

    Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) into visiting a haunted house for a school project.