In Living Color

In Living Color

5 Seasons

An original sketch comedy series created and written by Keenen Ivory Wayans.

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In Living Color
  • In Living Color: Pilot

    Episode 1

    Skit #1 "Love Connection: Jewish Woman Dates a Black Man" Skit #2 "Great Moments in Black History: First Black Man on the Moon" Skit #3 "Homeboy Shopping Network" Skit #4 "Redd Foxx for Hire" Skit #5 "Equity Express" Skit #6 "Men on Film"

  • In Living Color: The Wrath of Farrakhan

    Episode 2

    Skits Include: Do-It-Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit Arsenio and Marion Barry Rap Choir Sugar Ray Leonard Transition The Wrath of Farrakhan Ridin' Miss Daisy.

  • In Living Color: Lean on Me Beautiful

    Episode 3

    Damon Wayans in Richard Pryor is scared for no reason skit.

  • In Living Color: Transitions

    Episode 4

  • In Living Color: A Date with Grace Jones

    Episode 5

    Three Champs and A Baby skit. New Republic of Naganawanaland skit. Dinner with Grace Jones skit. Hefty World Condominium Estates skit. Homeboy Shopping Network skit.

  • In Living Color: Jheri's Kids

    Episode 6

    Jim Carrey as Bob Jackson karate instructor. Grecian Formula skit. Jim Carrey and Tommy Davidson in Jheri's Kids. Tracy Chapman skit. Oppression commercial parody.

  • In Living Color: Don King: The Early Years

    Episode 7

    Don King the Early Years. Salt n Pepa skit. Damon Wayans in Hey Mon. Jim Carrey as Ted Turner presenting a Casablanca remake. Tommy Davidson as a bathroom attendant. Men on Books skit.

  • In Living Color: Endangered Species

    Episode 8

    President Jesse Jackson press conference, The Mayweathers greatest hits, Joan Embery on the Tonight Show with a specimen of Home Boy Sapiens Africanus, Casa de Hair, and This Ol' Box with Anton Jackson.

  • In Living Color: Introducing... Homey D. Clown

    Episode 9

    Home Boy Seminar, America's Funniest Security Camera Videos, Andrea Dice Clay, Hey Mon - flight crew, and Homey D. Clown entertains at a birthday party.

  • In Living Color: Vera DeMilo

    Episode 10

    Michael Jackson Potato Head Kit. Disc Jockey, Death Jockey skit. Damon Wayans in a commercial for literacy. Jim Carrey gets detention. A re-telling of the Rapunzel fairy tale. Old Train skit. Jim Carrey's first appearance as Vera DeMilo.

  • In Living Color: Anton and the People's Court

    Episode 11

    The Brothers Brothers, M.C. Hammer Video, Cine-Globe, Calhoun Tubbs, Ted Turners' Very Colorized Classics - The Kid, and Anton on Po' People's Court.

  • In Living Color: Conspiracy

    Episode 12

    A hypnotized man can't stop clucking like a chicken after the hypnotist drops dead; Ray Charles in Charge; Lil Richard's Playhouse; Della Reese's Pieces; A high-level conspiracy prevents a black employee's promotion to french fries.

  • In Living Color: Homey D. Clown Returns

    Episode 13

    Homey D. Clown at the carnival, Benita Butrell gossips with new neighbor, Michael Winslow - A One Man Show, Samantha Kinison, and The Buttmans.